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Posted By Sir Chas

Yong resort


Elvira at Yong Beach Resort I know we just did a blog about this resort last week but I just wanted to report on the visit we did last Sunday. It was a while since we last inspected the resort so with camera in hand and one of the staff along as a model (Elvira) we went there to poke around, take some photos and update our sales information. We did a local commute taking an ordinary bus from Olongapo to San Antonio, In Zambales. The bus ride took about 40 minutes even with its frequent stops and cost around 40 pesos. The bus stopped in front of the municipal hall where we crossed the road and got a trike, the trike was 20 pesos a person. The way we went to the resort last year is no longer accessible so now you approach the resort along the beach side. The resort itself is simple. The standard rooms are small stand alone buildings basic but they are comfortable looking. The family rooms are similar just slightly larger and an additional bed.


It is a “resort” for those more interested in the out doors. There is nothingstandard room and cottage fancy here just basic accommodation, with wonderful views and extensive sandy beach. Last year a very strong typhoon did some rearranging along the shore line of Zambales. Yong's lost a good portion of its land in the last typhoon season. The restaurant had been in the middle of the resort now it is on the edge of the lagoon.
The resort had a number of lagoon side rooms that are no longer there.


On the bright side the enlarged lagoon is very good for swimming and just playing in the waters. The Zambales coast being on the South China Sea can get good size waves. In fact this resort is about halfway between Crystal Beach Resort and Punta de Uian both resorts are well know for their surfing breaks. The lagoon gives a place to play without the waves crashing over you.


One item different about this resort is that it encourages camping and does allow people to bring in their own food. While there is a modest corkage fee the fee also provides a gas stove for cooking. When we visited there were six tents being used. If you are looking for a camping outing this is an excellent place to go. Maybe even combine it with a trip to Anawangin Cove either as a day trip or overnight.


We posted some photos in Yong Beach Resort  gallery so take a look.

Posted By Sir Chas


Yong Beach Resort  has now been added tobeach in front of Yong Resort our website an we are now taking reservations for it. This resort is about a year old and opened with the name of Arirang Resort.  Same owners just new name.


Those who love the beach for a beach and not as an canvas to be seen on, look towards Zambales for a beach scene. The Zambales coast is kilometer after kilometer of fine beaches.

the resort is great for those on a budget. Camping is Available, it also has small tents for rent



Posted By Sir Chas

An zambales beach


Beach Time


The hot weather is here, Holy week is here and the beaches of Olongapo and Subic Bay are waiting. it a hot day today at 32 degrees c (90 degree F) and the heat index is 38c thats 100 degree F. So if you are going to be outside the beach is the place for it.


Olongapo city has been working on expanding its Half Moon Bay beach and it is great. Unlike when it reopened three years ago the beach has ample parking now.  the beach area itself is wide and very long.

The area between the beach and the road has been cleaned up and it is availalbe for those who want some natural shade.

Located on the National highway it is on the blue jeepney line from the city center.


Zambales Beaches 

The beaches in Zambales are just a a short easy drive away and some of the best in the Philippines. Our Favorits is in San Antonio which is a popular destination with many small inexpensive resorts. It is also the home of a large upscale Punta De Uian resort.

Start planning your summer now and include at least a few trips to Subic or Zambales

Posted By Sir Chas


When You Need Something Different

Seahorse tours has added another place to the list of properties that weERO apartelle recommend and represents. Some times a nice hotel or fancy resort is not what you really are looking for when you are staying away from home. As an alternative to the many fine resorts and hotels in the Subic bay area we would like to introduce you to a comfortable alternative, Ero Apartelle. The apartelle is located on the edge of Barrio Barretto, the resort area of Olongapo City. It just minutes from the resorts, entertainment and restaurants of Barretto , only a ten minute drive to the Central Business District of the Subic Bay Freeport and fifteen minutes to the center of Olongapo city. Easily assessable by public transportation, it is on the Jeepney Blue line from the city center. It is conveniently located for those who do not need to be in the center of the action. There is a small beach accessible across the road with two large beaches just three minute walk away




Posted By Sir Chas

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

A look behind the scenes.


Bataan Nuclear Power PlantAround the world nuclear power is looked upon from different levels of acceptance. Many countries fully embrace nuclear power as an clean safe method to generate electric. There are more than 400 nuclear plants all over the world. In other countries, the general belief is that it has too much potential for harm to even be considered. A large portion of the world is still battling the question. The Philippines is one country where the disagreements are still going on. At the center of the discussions is the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Construction on the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant began in 1976 a project of then President Marcos. Following the 1979

Three Mile Island accident in the United States, construction on the BNPP was stopped, Some design changes were made and Construction was restarted. Marcos was overthrown by the People Power Revolution in 1986. Days after the April 1986 Chernobyl disaster, the succeeding administration of President Corazon Aquino decided not to operate the plant. At the time the decision was made the plant was ready for fueling.


Equipped with a Westinghouse light water reactor, it was designed to produce 621 Reactor inside the containment vesselmegawatts of electricity. The BNPP has 3 sister plants operating in other parts of the world today. The KRSKO plant in Slovenia. The ANGRA I plant in Brazil. And, most notably, the KORI II plant in S. Korea. These plants are practically identical to our BNPP. These plants have been operating for over 25 years now without incident, accident and with utmost reliability and economy.



Despite never having been commissioned, the plant has remained intact, including the nuclear reactor, and has continued to be maintained. We are proud to present a one of a kind tour. While many power plants have visitor centers, a visitor at the BNPP can visit inside the plant itself. Having never been fueled visitors are able to go inside the containment area. Call Seahorse Tours to arrange your visitStaff in front of turbne